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Our training services are adressed to software vendors, medical service providers and consulting companies. We offer our training program across Europe to make it convenient for our participants. All courses can be delivered in English or in Polish.

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Medical Aspects of Electronic Documentation

Two-day workshop for managers and key medical or operational personnel facing the challenge of implementation of electronic medical documentation in their organizations. We present the requirements and best practices, explain the differences between paper and electronic document, recommend changes in processes, policies and procedures.

No technical knowledge is expected, but working experience with medical documentation is crucial.

Basic Course on HL7® CDA™ for Programmers

Basic Course on HL7® CDA™ for Non-Programmers

The “Basic Course” is intended for professionals who are interested in electronic medical documentation, especially to those who are considering implementation of HL7® CDA™ standard in their companies and systems. The difference between “Programmers” and “Non-programmers” course content is relatively small. We explain for both groups mostly the same: CDA™ concept, its use and limitations, but we use different language for two groups. It will save your time digging the CDA™ standard documents by yourself and you will have the opportunity to discuss the topic with instructor who has practical knowledge of HL7® CDA™.

We do not expect any previous experience in HL7® CDA™, but basic understanding of the concept of electronic medical documentation would be useful.

Basic Course on HL7® FHIR®

The course is dedicated to IT architects and developers. It covers basic information on HL7® FHIR® standard, its reason, main assumptions, basic concepts and scope of use in comparison to other HL7®  interoperability standards. We present general review of HL7® FHIR® resources and profiles with focus on practical approach on their design and validation.

We do not expect any previous experience in HL7® FHIR® but at least basic understanding of the concept of clinical data and its exchange is expected. Some experience in RESTful architectures, XML and JSON data formats is required.

Designing HL7® V3 Messages

“HL7® V3 Messaging” course helps programmers and system analysts to switch from V2.x Messaging to V3. We talk about modeling of medical data (including HL7® RIM), show some examples of well-structured data and facilitate designing of your own V3 Messages.

Experience with messaging and ability to read basic UML diagrams is needed.

Practical Approach to HL7® CDA™ Implementation

The “Practical Approach to Implementation” has been designed as 2-day workshop for professionals planning HL7® CDA™ implementation. You will work in mixed groups of medical, business and analytical professionals, together with programmers or other IT professionals. We expect participation of teams of 2-3 people with different backgrounds and roles from each company. The individual participants are also welcome, they will be matched with others to work as a team

Some knowledge of the HL7® CDA™ standard and experience in similar projects is expected.

CDA™ for Experts: Extensions and Templates

CDA™ for Experts: Clinical Statements

Two courses offered for the CDA™ implementers, who started with easy “level 1” or “narrative-only” documents, but now want to start the real job. Standard extensions and templates, including (but not limited to) IHE profiles, will be covered in one day training. The separate, another one day course is dedicated to CDA™ clinical statements, better known as “entries”. We will be trying hard to find the real medical statement, which is not possible to write down in CDA™-compliant form.

Familiarity with CDA™ concepts and some working experience with CDA™ is expected.

The courses are led by:

Roman Radomski

Consultant and entrepreneur with 10+ years of business experience in healthcare IT and clinical research.

Certified HL7® CDA™ and V3 RIM Specialist
Certified Clinical Data Manager
ArchiMate 2 Certified

Sebastian Bojanowski

Medical Practitioner. Consultant with 5+ years of business experience in healthcare IT. System architect and developer.

Certified HL7® Clinical Document Architecture™ Specialist

Marcin Grudzień

Consultant with 5 years of business experience in healthcare IT. Developer of HL7 CDA templates.

Certified HL7® Clinical Document Architecture™ Specialist