Easy to use and secure platform for interoperable clinical documents

Platan is a semantically interoperable, document based EHR platform for small medical providers and individual practitioners. Clinical documents can be easily produced, maintained and shared.

Platan is a...

Document based EHR

Properly authorized clinical document is a key entity in Platan. Operating in clinical document context is natural and productive for medical practitioners. Set of such documents is a reliable source of clinical data not only for doctors, but also to be processed by clinical systems.

Interoperable EHR

All documents are HL7® CDA compliant and conformant to the relevant national and local implementation guides. Standard based semantic interoperability of documents and data enables their easy integration, reporting and analysis.

Shared EHR

Platan is a common platform where various medical providers manage their patients records. Relevant documents are easily to be shared which improves clinical process reducing cost and time. Platan is also a professional networking platform creating online communities of physicians.

Global PMR

Patients themselves are also able to manage their documents in a PMR mode and keep control of data access across medical providers. Cross-border interoperable data sharing is at patient disposal. Diseases oriented patient communities may develop online.

About us

Our team consists of highly qualified HL7® CDA certified specialists with working experience in implementation of electronic health record solutions. We also develop HL7® implementation guides, that are technical specifications for healthcare interoperability standards implementation, on national and corporate levels.

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